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          1. Our service advantage

            The existing plant area is more than 20000 square meters. After many years of research and development of air conditioning heat exchanger and all-aluminium, an enterprise with advanced and perfect production equipment, mature and reliable manufacturing process and excellence in product quality has been formed.

            Product categories: Finned tube heat exchangers and accessories for household air conditioning, automobile air conditioning, central air conditioning, air source water heater, mobile air conditioning, etc.

            Product characteristics: The company developed all-aluminium finned tube heat exchanger with high efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection, reasonable price, overall recovery and other advantages.

            LATEST NEWS

            CONTACT US

            Contact: Mr. yi

            Phone: 13168722690

            Tel: 0755-23303275

            Email: ylj22690@163.com

            Add: Guangdong Province